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Details for Lispers

It should be easy to call some of the main functions of XLS-Biplot from other Xlisp-Stat programs. The main functions are in file bp-proto.lsp. Instead of sending :new to bp-proto, you should call make-biplot, that has the following defun:

(defun make-biplot (&key data title var-labels case-labels 
                         save-pathname biplot-type (show t) 
                         (canned "" canned-set))
  "Args: ...
:DATA is mandatory, it should be a nested list of equal length rows
:TITLE, a string for the data name
:VAR-LABELS a list of strings, as many as columns in :DATA
:CASE-LABELS a list of strings, as many as rows in :DATA
:SAVE-PATHNAME a string, a filename or pathname to save files in, without extension
:CANNED, if given, one of the strings: \"PCA with normalization\" 
                                       \"PCA without normalization\"
                                       \"Simple CA\"
                                       \"Logratio analysis\"
                                       \"Ratio maps/Spectral analysis\"
:BIPLOT-TYPE: Can be any of 'form 'covariance 'sym-map 'sym-biplot.

The function make-biplot returns a bp-proto object and shows it if :show was t. To this object you can send many messages (see the file bp-proto.lsp).

Compiling and making a XLS-Biplot workspace

Execution of XLisp-Stat files is faster when compiled. To make sure that you are using the compiled files, you should type
after your first loading of the biplot.lsp file.

If you would like to have a workspace with XLS-Biplot preloaded on it, you should change to the directory where XLS-Biplot files reside and then type
(load "makebiplotwks")
This should create a workspace named biplot.wks. (If you are working under Windoze, you should stop doing that, well, I mean, you should take a look at the end of the file makebiplotwks.lsp and possibily modify some paths there).

As documented in Xlisp-Stat, you may then call from the shell prompt
xlispstat -w/path/to/biplot.wks

Under MS-Windows, you may create an icon in your desktop being a link with a similar content as destination.

For Vista's users

If you have Vista ( installed, look for the main executable file, usually named ViSta.exe and make a direct link icon on your desktop with
c:\path\to\ViSta.exe -wc:\path\to\biplots\xlisp.wks as the destiny, where xlisp.wks should be the one provided with the XLS-Biplot zip file, or a biplot.wks you made following the directions in previous section.

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Frederic Udina