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Appendix 1 Mailing Lists

This section contains information on mailing lists and Usenet groups on topics related to the World-Wide Web.

Please note that before sending a message to any of these lists please listen to the discussions first and, where possible, read the information about the list. You should not send simple questions about, say, installing Mosaic on your home PC to a list for developers of the WWW protocols.

Usenet News


comp.infosystems.www.users provides a forum for discussion of WWW client software (such as Mosaic, Cello and Lynx), new user questions, client setup questions, client bug reports, resource discovery questions on how to locate information on WWW that can't be found by the FAQ and comparisons between various client packages are among the acceptable topics for this group.


comp.infosystems.www.providers provides a forum for the discussion of WWW server software and the use of server software to provide information to users. General server design, setup questions, server bug reports, security issues, HTML page design and other concerns of information providers are among the likely topics for this group.


comp.infosystems.www.misc provides a general forum for discussing WWW issues which are not covered by the other comp.infosystems.www groups.


comp.infosystems.announce is for announcement of new information services (e.g. new WWW sites) and new software products (new server software, new clients, new document converters, etc.) An archive of the comp.infosystems.announce Usenet group is available at the URL http://www.cs.rochester.edu/users/grads/ferguson/announce/


comp.infosystems.wais covers WAIS topics, including integration of WAIS with WWW.


comp.text.sgml covers SGML, including HTML.

Archives of These Groups

Archives of the www-announce, net-happenings mailing lists and comp.infosystems.www.* Usenet groups are available at the URL http://cair-archive.kaist.ac.kr/Archive/Announce/

CERN Mailing Lists

To join a list at CERN send electronic mail to listserv@info.cern.ch with the line subscribe www-list your name.

For example if John Smith wanted to subscribe to the www-announce list he would send the message subscribe www-announce John Smith

An overview of CERN mailing lists is available at the URL http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Administration/Mailing/Overview.html Alternatively send an email message to listserv@info.cern.ch containing line lists to receive a list of lists or review list to receive a list of subscribers to list.


www-announce is for anyone interested in WWW, its progress, new data sources, new software releases. Please refrain from posting administrivia to this list! The list owners want to keep it low volume, large membership.


www-html is for technical discussions of the HyperText Markup Language HTML. Design discussions only, please, not newcomer questions.

This list is archived at the URL and at the URL http://gummo.stanford.edu/html/hypermail/hypermail.html


www-rdb is for discussion of gatewaying relational databases into WWW. This list is archived at the URL http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Archive/www-rdb


www-proxy is for technical discussion about WWW proxies, caching, and future directions. This list is archived at the URL http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Archive/www-proxy


www-talk is for technical discussion for those developing WWW software or with that deep an interest. (Please keep this to WWW technical design only. Not general questions from non-developers, which should go to the newsgroup, nor for HTML topics which should go to www-html.)

This list is archived. A threaded version of the archive is available at the URL http://gummo.stanford.edu/html/hypermail/archives.html

Other Mailing Lists


atmwww-l is an open and unmoderated discussion of the impact of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technology and networking on the World-Wide-Web. To subscribe to the list send the message subscribe atmwww-l your name to the address listserv@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu in the To send messages to the atmwww-l discussion list, email: atmwww-l@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu


cello-l is a discussion list for users of the Cello WWW browser. To subscribe to the list send the message sub cello-l your name to the address listserv@cornell.edu Further information is available at the URL ftp://ftp.law.cornell.edu/pub/LII/Cello/default.htm The Cello FAQ is available at the URL Archives of the list are available at the URL gopher://gopher.law.cornell.edu:70/11/listservs/cellol


html-wg is a mailing list for an IETF working group which is discussing developments of HTML. To subscribe email html-wg-request@oclc.org with the message SUBSCRIBE html-wg yourname An archive of the list is available at the URL http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/html/


The HTTP working group (http-wg)will work on the specification of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is a data access protocol currently run over TCP and is the basis of the World-Wide Web. The initial work will be to document existing practice and short-term extensions. Subsequent work will be to extend and revise the protocol. Directions which have already been mentioned include:

To subscribe email http-wg-request@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com with the message SUBSCRIBE http-wg yourname An archive of the list is available at the URL http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/http/hypermail/


libwww-perl is a library of Perl4 packages which provides a simple and consistent programming interface to the World-Wide Web. This library is being developed as a collaborative effort to assist the further development of useful WWW clients and tools.

A mailing list has been established for technical discussion about libwww-perl, including problem reports, interim fixes, suggestions for features, and contributions. The mailing list address is libwww-perl@ics.uci.edu and administrivia (including subscribe requests) should be sent to libwww-perl-request@ics.uci.edu

A Hypermail archive of the mailing list is also available at the URL http://www.ics.uci.edu/WebSoft/libwww-perl/archive/


mosaic-l is a Listserv list for the NCSA Mosaic WWW browser. To subscribe send the message subscribe mosaic-l firstname lastname to the address listserv@uicvm.uic.edu

NOTE This list is now believed to be defunct since it was being used for basic Mosaic questions, rather than providing a forum for Mosaic developers.


MacHTTP-talk is a mailing list for MacHTTP users has been set up. It provides an open forum for any questions, answers, suggestions, announcements, etc. about the MacHTTP server software. To subscribe to the list send a mail message to the address MajorDomo@academ.com containing the message subscribe MacHTTP-talk firstname surname

Further information is available at the URL http://www.uth.tmc.edu/mac_info/machttp/mailing_list.html


moo-www is a mailing list to discuss links between MUDS, in particular systems based on Pavel Curtis's MOO server, and the World-Wide Web. Subjects for discussion include:

The list is at moo-www@maths.tcd.ie Subscription requests should go to moo-www-request@maths.tcd.ie


Netscape is a Listserv list for the Netscape WWW browser. This list is for the purpose of discussing features and bugs contained in this new browser, as well as the new tags Netscape implements. To subscribe send the message subscribe netscape firstname lastname to the address listserv@irlearn.ucd.ie


Quality is a mailing list for the discussion of quality issues. To subscribe to the list send the message subscribe quality to the address listmanager@naic.nasa.gov.

An archive is available at the URL http://naic.nasa.gov/naic/archives


unite is a Mailbase list which can be used for discussions about a User Network Interface To Everything. Based in the UK with an international membership. mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk with the message join unite yourname

The UNITE archives are available at the URL http://mailbase.ac.uk/pub/lists/unite


Web4Lib is a list for Library-based WWW managers and developers. To subscribe email listserv@library.berkeley.edu with the message SUBSCRIBE Web4Lib yourname


web-support is a Mailbase list which can be used for discussions about WWW issues. Based in the UK. To subscribe email mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk with the message join web-support yourname

The archives are available at the URL http://mailbase.ac.uk/pub/lists/web-support


The WebServer-NT mailing list is intended as a forum where users of Windows NT can discuss World-Wide Web server issues. Likely topics might include (but are not limited to):

To subscribe, send message to webserver-nt-request@mailserve.process.com and in the message body type SUBSCRIBE webserver-nt

To get help on the mailserver commands put HELP in your message body To receive a list of the available mailing list put LISTS in the body To receive a list of subscribers in a list put SEND/LIST webserver-nt in the body.


Discussions of issues of commercial transactions of information via the Web take place on the www-buyinfo mailing list. To subscribe send the message subscribe www-buyinfo to the address www-buyinfo-request@allegra.att.com

The archives are held at the URL http://www.research.att.com/www-buyinfo/about.html


www-courseware is a list dedicated to courseware on WWW. To subscribe send mail to www-courseware-request@eit.com containing the message subscribe

An archive of the list is held at the URL http://www.eit.com/mailinglists/www-courseware/archive/


This is a list dedicated to literature on the WWW. To subscribe send mail to www-literature-request@eit.com containing the message subscribe

An archive of the list is held at the URL http://www.eit.com/mailinglists/www-literature/archive/


The aim of this list if to provide a high signal-to-noise, quick turn-around forum for managers of WWW servers and sites to get answers to specific questions about the setup and maintenance of http servers and clients. The mailing list is managed by a utility called majordomo. To subscribe send the message subscribe www-managers to the address majordomo@lists.stanford.edu


www-security is a list to discuss different methods of providing a secure WWW service. The list will focus on how to secure HTTP and/or HTTP-like protocols to provide privacy, user authentication, service certifications and document checking (digital signatures).

To subscribe send mail to www-security-request@nsmx.rutgers.edu containing the message subscribe www-security

An archive of the list is held at the URL http://www.verity.com/www-security.html

Information about the www-security list is also available at the URL http://www-ns.rutgers.edu/www-security/index.html


The www-speed list is dedicated to the proposition that the web is just too darned slow, and that some of its key components have inherent performance problems that cannot be dealt with without changes to protocols. Topics appropriate to the list are:

The list address is www-speed@tipper.oit.unc.edu The request address is www-speed-request@tipper.oit.unc.edu


VRML (the Virtual Reality Markup Language) is an evolving specification for a platform-independent definition of 3-dimensional spaces within the World-Wide Web. It is designed to combine the best features of virtual reality, networked visualization, and the global hypermedia environment of the World-Wide Web.

To subscribe to the Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) list send mail to majordomo@wired.com containing the message subscribe www-vrml

Further information is available at the URL http://www.wired.com/vrml/


www@unicode.org is intended for indepth technical discussions of the possibility of modifying the WWW protocols to support Unicode. It is going along the same lines as some of the Unicode discussions on www-talk, just a more focused group with no other WWW issues. If interested in joining this list, send email to to www-request@unicode.org with a subject line of subscribe, and a message body of subscribe www@unicode.org your name

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