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9 Utilities

A number of useful utility programs have been developed which will assist systems managers and information providers.

w3new is a program which will extract a list of URLs from the Mosaic client hotlist file or extract URLs from a HTML document. It will then retrieve the modification dates for each document listed and output a HTML file with the URLs sorted by their last modification date.

Information about the program is available at the URL http://www.stuff.com/~bcutter/home/programs/w3new/w3new.html The utility was written by Brooks Cutter (mailto:bcutter@stuff.com).

wusage is a WWW server usage meter which produces weekly activity reports in HTML. In addition it provides graphical displays of server usage.

Further information is available at the URL http://siva.cshl.org/wusage.html The software is available from the URL ftp://isis.cshl.org/pub/wusage wusage was written by Thomas Boutell (mailto:boutell@netcom.com).

getstats (formerly called getsites) is a versatile WWW server log analyser. It is available at the URL http://www.eit.com/software/getstats/getstats.html

weblint is a Unix utility for checking the syntax of HTML documents. The checks include illegally nested, overlapped, unclosed and obsolete tags. Further details are available at the URL http://www.khoros.unm.edu/staff/neilb/weblint.html The software can be obtained from the URL ftp://ftp.khoros.unm.edu/pub/perl/www/ The utility was written by Neil Bowers, Khoral Research Inc. (mailto:neilb@khoros.unm.edu) The email list weblint@khoros.unm.edu provides announcements of new versions of Weblint. Email Neil Bowers if you wish to be added to the list.

Verify_links is a robot which performs link verification. Further information is available at the URL http://wsk.eit.com/wsk/dist/doc/admin/webtest/verify_links.html

MOMspider (Multi-Owner Maintenance spider) is a tool which can be used to help information providers and system managers to maintain links to documents. MOMspider is available at the URL http://www.ics.uci.edu/WebSoft/MOMspider/

Hypermail is a program that converts a file of email messages to a hypertext WWW form. It is available at the URL http://gummo.stanford.edu/html/hypermail/hypermail.html

The following utilities are available at the URL ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/pub/packages/infosystems/WWW/tools

checkweb looks for dead links in your Web

html+tables.shar creates preformatted text tables from HTML+ Table definitions

mosaic-wais-cli.pl does a WAIS search using Mosaic from the command line

newslist/ compiles an HTML page of links to all newsgroup on your server

simon/ URL database to replace NCSA Mosaic's Hotlist

test-cgi/ sets up HTTP environment for a CGI script

url-get.pl a perl script which brings in any document given its URL

w3get.pl retrieves a HTML page named by a URL and all HREFs and IMGs in it

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