Directory listing of /users/ftp/stat/kde

As of Jan 30 1999

Files A short description of KDE files.

Readme Do it.

compiled-files Contain the KDE files compiled version. Only useful if you have Xlisp-Stat 3.52 already installed and running. A compact version of kde software. Useful to anybody having Windows95 (or Win3.1 with Win32) running. Executing this file will produce a fully working Xlisp-stat version with all KDE functionality embedded in it. You will need no auxiliary files except the README file in this dir.

kde.tar.gz The whole KDE distribution, including the Readme and Files files. You can install it in a UNIX box by typing, in a fresh directory,

gunzip -c kde.tar.gz | tar xvf - 

examples/ Some files containing lisp code to recreate KDE windows with kernel estimation for some 'famous' data sets. It can be loaded into Xlisp-Stat or accessed trough the 'Kernel Smoother' menu.

lisp-sources/ All KDE files in lisp source version.